Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What do you love>?

Lately I have been putting so much thought into what I want to be--Who I want to be--what I want to accomplish. For me choosing a college major is like trying to take a drink from Niagara falls-its nearly impossible. I mean I can see a bunch of classes that I would love to take--but taking them would not lead me to any major--and furthermore I cannot think of a career that would fit me. So I am stumped.

I would love a simple letter in the mail from God saying: "Dear Elliot, your major should be __________ your career path should be __________ and I have many more cool things in store for you...but just start with this! Have a good week, love God!!" And this career would include lots of traveling, interacting with people, working towards a cause, helping people directly, being creative, savvy, and respectable!

I have been praying for this, but have yet to get it. SO I am praying some more, looking for a major that best includes all the classes I enjoy and leaves much room for a variety of careers. If any of YOU have a clue as to what I should do for my career please comment below!

Wow its really hard being back in school. I miss Bangladesh-the lifestyle-the people. I want adventure--not Chemistry, Physics, and accounting. aw. the life of being just a plane college student is hard to adjust too-studying, writing, the fear of not succeeding--I don't like these feelings very much. God please help me get back into school mode. Please help me to let go of always needing to be perfect. Please teach me to become like YOU--to care more, giving more and expecting less. I love YOU. Make today YOUR day.