Friday, February 18, 2011

Last night I got to visit Bangladesh--I closed my eyes--and instantly I was there.
The black cloud of sleep rushed me back, while my body lay nestled in my bed.
I got to stay only a few hours--but they were blissful hours.

I arrived and all the children just looked. Finally out of the corner of my eye I spotted Ruthy. Ruthy ran in full sprint--as fast as her little, knobby legs could carry her. She was heavier then I remembered. I felt her new weight settle in my arms--and her clammy little hands grab me tight--as if to say, "I am never letting go."

I saw Marissa, Amy, Mark, Hanna and so many others. They slowly found their way over to me--each quizzing me--making sure I knew their name. They had changed--they were bigger and older.

I woke-up this morning, to big snow flakes dancing outside my window, and my heart longing to wake-up to something different. To wake-up to green rice fields and no obligations. Waking-up to uninhibited smiles and warmth.

Every morning no matter where I am--I want to wake-up not wishing for something different, but valuing what I have. I want to wake up to uninhibited smiles, sincere joy, and uncontested happiness.

I wonder what needs to be tweaked in my life so that this can be a reality--not simply something found in a dream.

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janet said...

It would be hard for you to change your longings. You left part of your heart at BH, so you will always have days you wish you were there. Even though you are here. Look for something awesome in each day here...even one thing. I know you will go back one day and really feel Ruth's little arms around your neck. How God must long for us...