Wednesday, June 6, 2012

p ie ce s.

Three pieces of past posts that spoke to me this morning:

“Trust in the people I love. Not trusting in them to be perfect, never mess up or always be around, but to trust in their character and the intentions they have. I am learning to trust in other people’s choices and accept that I have no control over some things. Trusting with the risk of being hurt, forgotten, or replaced. Learning that trust is a tricky thing to give, but it’s a compliment to receive.”

“Not dwelling on or missing the past, instead being thankful I was fortunate enough to be blessed with the opportunity to experience all that I have. Not worrying about the future, but placing my future in Gods hands and living the best I can each moment.”

“As the tears came uncontrollably I thought to myself, "I am crazy" I crawled out of my bed and went up the stairs. I jumped in bed with my little sister and snuggled so close to her - I thought she would push me away. But she didn't.  She simply grasped my shaking hand so tight.  And we lay there, talking about how we were ever going to get through this, I could feel love pulsing through her hand.”

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