Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I am not going to lie - the last few months have been rough, really rough - but these last few days I have finally started to feel the sun shining, my heart beating and my smile returning. My circumstances haven't changed, but how thankful I am - has.  

Choosing to be thankful to my God for the plan he has, the love He gives, and peace He offers - is slowly changing my life. I am so thankful for a God who allows me to fall apart, but will always put me back together again.  
If things seems rough right now - keep going - you are loved, beautiful, held and have a purpose.  I know your sunshine will return, your head will stop spinning and your breath will once again find its place in your chest. I am so thankful for this truth, for you, and for our God

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Anonymous said...

Love this and you-- momma