Saturday, January 11, 2014

A bit late, Paris Day 3.

I had held strong to my DayQuil and NyQuil regiment, but today was caught out in the cold with no meds, and quite a dismal body ache.  But if you have to be sick, Paris is the place to be. 

Today started rather late - 12:00 we finally made it out the door and down the five flights of twisting stairs.  We stumbled onto the Metro in hopes of finding the apparently elusive vintage flea market.  Mitchee and my sweet mother read about this unmarked flea market on a blog and were determined to find it. 

And my oh my did we find a flea market.  To anyone who knows the estate sale junkies my family is - you know the giddy amusement this allotted us. 

We spent a good five hours searching for treasures, pursing the curious oddities and gazing at the gilded glimpses of a world passed.  I value old things - old trinkets, old furniture, old clothes, - old friends - I cherish the imperfections, fragility and stories they innately possess.  Each of us found a little treasure.  My treasure - a 1940’s noir necklace - heavy, chunky, dazzling - just the perfect juxtaposition of feminine and masculine.  I wasn’t going to buy it, but my mom is the queen of dealin’ and worked her magic.  I wondered back to see what she had found and without a word my dad placed a colorfully wrapped package in my hand.  My necklace.  What a special surprise,  treasured memory, and perfect start of a story.

After a long traipse back to our flat - we were all exhausted.  A hot bath and a long nap was a perfect solution for this fading lady.

We spent the rest of the evening in comfy clothes, around the big table - playing games.

We have almost gone through a whole bottle of olive oil - I have eaten a whole baguette by myself and discovered “boggle” - a new favorite game.  Mom is the queen of Uno, Dunkin reigns in most everything else - although the girls are currently winning in Taboo.

As cranky as I sometimes am with my sniffiling nose and pounding head - I sure love Paris, and more then that I sure love just sitting around the table playing games with my lovely family.  I think I could go anywhere with them and be happy -

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