Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sabbath after noon walks

Today we went for our customary sabbath afternoon walk, and it was once again splendid. We laughed and walked through the cut rice fields as the children ran barefoot behind us. We made our way to the soccer field where all the villagers came out to meet us. I used my limited Bangla and communicated the best I could, as they spouted off anything that came to mind in Bangla, and I had no idea that was being said.

Today I tried 2 new Bangle things. One I learned how to do that game where you run alongside a tire and keep it upright and spinning, by hitting it with a stick. It is sometimes seen in old time movies (I will put up pictures soon) and I rode of the back of a peddle bicycle while Britney wheeled me around!

Also kids are So honest. The girls swarmed me and one pointed right at my pimples and said what is this? And they were demanding me explain what was on my face and why. I just had to laugh. Even the caregivers have asked us about out pimples...LOL They have been called bug bites, bumps from not drinking enough water, or from dirt LOL people in Bangladesh just have amazing skin. Its not my fault I don't :)

Sabbath is such a wonderful day here in Bangladesh, I hope its great for each of you. Prayers, love and GODS Blessings from Bangladesh!

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