Thursday, December 10, 2009

Today I drank Hot Cocoa with my Roommates and watched the movie 21.

I’m learning patience. Tonight I feel like God has given me a big list of things to do, and I was complaining and thinking…GOD I just want to go to bed…

But that made me stop and think. How big of a list did I give to God today? How much did I just ask Him to do? And How much time did I spend thanking HIM for all the things HE has done? I can be pretty selfish sometimes…

SO I ask you…How big of a list have YOU given God today?

How much time have you spent accomplishing the one HE gave YOU?

And how much time do YOU spend thanking GOD for all HE has already done and is yet to do?

I have realized this is something I really need to look at. Thanks God for being patient with me, and for teaching me things that are seemingly so simple… Now can I get some sleep?! Yes.

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