Wednesday, February 17, 2010

January 17, 2010

Clinics started today. Ww saw around 300 patients everyday. I played doctor quite well, but this defiantly gave me an insight: I don't really want to be a doctor, at least not family practice. But this was an amazing experience seeing all the patience was a minute reminder of how lucky I am to be healthy. Every person had aches and pains, worms and colds. We gave out lots of Tylenol, smiles and hats.
Me playing Doctor
Jehanna and I with the REAL Doc :)
This is a boy that I worked with, he had no eye ball
Pharmacist Jehanna

It was SO cold these poor children were literally freezing the second day of clinic we ran out of hats, I was able to go get some more to handout...thanks poppie for the Christmas gift again.

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