Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You may now...WALK AWAY...with the bride?!

In Bangladesh PDA is not allowed. To call Bangladesh conservative would be an understatement, but as usual Bangladesh never ceases to amazing me. I went to a wedding today and the bride and groom did not kiss, talk, or really smile. But, I know they are happy.
O-Be-Dum is our handyman at Bangla Hope he can fix everything. He is a Catholic man who worked at the Catholic hospital before coming to work for Bangla Hope. He fled from there to escape an arranged marriage so he could marry this girl. :) I am so happy that he actually got to marry the girl that he wanted. I have started thinking....I think that when I get married I want to have two weddings: a traditional one in the states and one with my Bengali family in Bangladesh!
O-Be-Dum and his wife

Their rings

She looked Beautiful...
The get away car :)

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