Wednesday, December 29, 2010

sometimes the truth hurts.

Ouch. Sometimes things you hear or say--need to be said--but they still sting a bit. The defenses are rearing and ready to guard--the tongue is ready to cut back--but the intentions of these words are nothing malicious. This morning was one of those mornings. A person I trust the most, told me somethings I really did not like hearing--constructive criticism, some may call it. We shared things that were not easy to share--not lovely or dovey--but concerns, hopes and pleas.

Sometimes things need to be said. Sometimes things need to be heard. But most times the way we say these things can use some fine tuning. I am all for open, honest communication--but I am also seeing the need for some tuning. Some need for caring about how we say what we have to say, to the people we love the most. And believe me--I should be first in line for a tune up.

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