Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Cheer.

It is dead week here at Walla Walla University - and it be honest I feel anything but dead. I watched a great talk this morning about finding what you love. About living a life that is intentional and full of my passion. I very well agree - and I think its about time I start.

So today I decided this week would not be a "dead week" - this week will be a "live week." Now that does not mean I will not have to study more then I want or that I won't write mounds of papers. But it does mean that I will find time to enjoy life, to feed my passions and to spend time with the people I value.

I am realizing life is too short, not to do the things you love and love on the people you value.

So heres to a week of creating time for the things you value in life, and living a life that is full of more then obligations.

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