Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chocolate Cake

Last night it all piled up - the stress of the day, loneliness, worry, future, fears - simply overwhelmed.  You know that feeling when everything just seems wrong - heavy - sad?  Well my roommate and I both felt it - so we escaped - just for an hour, but it was wonderful.  We set off in search of truffle fries and chocolate cake.  We found the truffle fries, and after much searching, my roommate decided to just make chocolate cake.  Tired, I didn't wait up.  I stripped off all my clothes, climbed in bed with my hot water bottle and chased sleep.  I woke-up suddenly around 2am - tiptoed naked to my kitchen and there it was - a delicious unfrosted chocolate cake.  I cut myself a tiny sliver, dipped my finger in the bowl of buttercream frosting and licked my fingers clean.  Another sliver later and I was back in bed, feeling content - satisfied - cozy.  I guess sometimes it just takes a little chocolate cake and a hot water bottle to remind this girl it will all be okay.  

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Anonymous said...

Yes you know all will be OK...I love your naked sense of adventure...MOM... I always told you to air it