Thursday, November 1, 2012


“Trust in the people I love. Not trusting in them to be perfect, never mess up or always be around, but to trust in their character and the intentions they have. I am learning to trust in other people’s choices and accept that I have no control over some things. Trusting with the risk of being hurt, forgotten, or replaced. Learning that trust is a tricky thing to give, but it’s a compliment to receive.”

(taken from a past blog I wrote - sometimes we just need to remember what we already know)


Kati said...

Ahh Elliot I love this!! Who wrote it?

Elliot LaPlante said...

I wrote it Kate - Its from a past blog. I was reading through and it just kinda jumped out at me - like "ELliot you once knew this grain of truth - remember it again!" ha. Miss and love you friend