Tuesday, January 5, 2010

events and memories of 2009

Finished my first year of college
Went to Hawaii with my family
Went to Turkey and Greece for School
walked in the foot steps of Paul
Became a student missionary
Ate amazing tacos at Taco nights!
harvested rice
taught Bengali children English
Went to Spain with my family
visited village schools in bangladesh
visited a lepor museum
watched my cousins grow up
made tie dye shirts in the dorm
Studdied harder than ever before
Aced general Biology
watched the super bowl at Lisas with 3D glasses
had my first year away from home
saw the play wicked with Emily
turned 19
learned how to do all my laundry in a bucket
got stopped by the police while practicing driving stick shift! LOL
Found "Elliot" road in Walla Walla
made christmas cookies for children who had never seen them before
went surfing in Hawaii!
Saw the Toldeo Cathedral
Visited Istanbul
Got re-baptized
visited and laughed with my family till my stomach hurt
Snuck into my house and scared my mom! *mom remember that?!
Over all this has been an amazing year. One of the most trying and filled year of my life. But when I look over this list, I have done some very cool things...but my favorite memories have been not the outstanding trips or adventures, but the times with the people I love. I am learning that all the trips and adventure in the world means nothing, it is the company and the relationships made on those adventures that make all the difference. Thank-you everyone for being amazing and making my life so SO full. I love you so much and cannot wait to see you all again.

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Anonymous said...

Mom remembers how you scared me and I am forever going to get you back...Jon... you too... You brats... Had me jumping out of my shoes and nearly a Heart attack... Elliot you have done some pretty amazing things in 2009... I am proud of you... LOve MOM Ps watch out...