Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sabbath in Nepal

Me+My Bible+a Chocolate Croissant+Durbur Suqare, Nepal= a wonderful relaxing sabbath.
Jehanna and I slept in, I took a hot bath, we got ready and went out for some italian food. Then we got out our Bibles ventured to Durbur square where we read our Bibles and sang a few songs. Something that really struck me was the idols. In America some decorate their houses with an Indian feel, with Buddha as a decoration or hindu gods as art, but here these starues and icons are not just decorative startes or home decore they are icons and idols. They are their way of life, to them they are gods. IT is really a shocking experience to see these cultures and how many idols are in this society, what a central role they play in peoples everyday lives. I am SO glad I believe in my GOd. Thank-YOU God for being MY God, for giving so much protection and love and peace.

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