Monday, April 26, 2010

Just BE.

Today I want to just BE...
wrapped in YOUR love God.
Filled with YOUR Joy.
THe Woman GOd created me to BE.
I want to simply BE--whatever and however that manifests.

This above statement seems so simple--but let me say that for me this is hard. Very hard sometimes. I let fear, pain, worry, loneliness and analyzation get in the way. I want things the way they were, but cant have them right now. I want to know where Im going, but have to focus on where I am.
Every day I have fun, and have been enjoying life--but why when I wake up in the morning do I have to remind myself to get out of bed?! Life. I love you. but you are oh so confusing sometimes!

Today I am focusing on just one thing. I am just going to curl up in GOds right hand and let HIM carry my through.

As we start another Monday--Know that I am praying for all of you--friends and family and I love you oh so much. Thanks for being you and bringing Joy to my life.

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janet said...

OH girl I can relate. When you figure out how to be, let me know. Then write a book and you'll be a wealthy woman!! Two things that help me be...writing all my worries on flow. Then let them go.
And beginning the day in prayer and journaling. Then casting aside those fretful thoughts, as soon as they surface. Here's to a "savoring the moment" day!