Monday, April 12, 2010

live life. What does that mean?
I search for spontaneity. Crave creativity. miss normalcy.
Life can be hard. Life is confusing.
What do I want? I dont know.
Who am I? I am learning.
My head is spinning. cluttered with thoughts.
Run away to some place simple. Someplace pure.
Bangladesh your calling my name. A place where things were simple, joyous.
I am just glad to be alive..


Emily Star said...

oh man elliot--those are not just words--those are real feelings you are putting down--i guess is just takes time. you are awesome! IM glad you are back. :) selfish me.

janet said...

You wrote universal words. we all struggle with those ?'s.
You are passion, a deep sensitivity to people, joy, commitment to God, easy laughter, spontaneity, seeker of wisdom, creativity, and wonder at life. And so much more.
May the Holy Spirit show you everything God designed when He joyfully made you.