Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Count the Little things.

10 Good things about this week already:

1. I got to pick blue berries--they are oh SO good. I have eaten bowls full already.
2. I wake up to the beautiful lake glistening outside my window.
3. I believe in a God who wants the best for me--and loves ME just how I am.
4. I got to spend an extra day with a very special person.
5. I am working on a new project--its a secret.
6. I have a wonderful family.
7. My grade school friend from Tennessee is coming to town today.
8. I am learning SO much about myself.
9. I got to pa rouse over design blogs this morning.
10. I have started formulating a few plans for my future--and its pretty exciting :)!

1 comment:

Emily Star said...

new plan for your future? should fill me in after i get back from priest. :)