Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Somedays all is perfect. Things fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Then the next day I wonder, I over think, I worry. How will I ever know for 100% sure? Will I be happy doing that? Will I be happy being this? Or should I fall for that? Is there really something not right? Or aM I just over thinking? Is life really as easy as it seems to be--or am I getting tricked. deceived. confused. Do I have too much time of doing nothing--that my rain starts over analyzing everything? Am I wanting a problem to have to deal with? Who knows. God knows. SO please God--tell me.


Chantel Monet said...

I so remember being your age, the uncertainty, the restlessness.. Wish I could help you here! One thing I've learned is that while it's important to dream, its also important to let your dreams go sometimes. God has great things planned for you that will fulfill your dreams.. Dreams that you don't know you have yet. In the meantime live presently and do all you can to enjoy and strengthen relationships with the ones you care about. Love you Bells!

Emily Star said...

i relate to you in alot of areas of life elliot. oh man! are you going to be free around the thirteenth and fourteenth of this month? thats like next week on tuesday wed, thurs....wanna go on a trek at priest lake?! i have a friend from out of town. dylan--he's the one i've been road tripping and we want to take our backpacks and there are some EPIC places to go trek around!!! If you found a hammock...we would be able to sleep in trees....hah i'll call you when i get more of a plan. But why do I not have your phone number?! I just checked in my phone. email it to me? heheh it would be SO fun elliot! I'll call you and convince you. :) Love Emily