Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This morning I woke up with a subtle headache--
A knot in my stomach--
I have a Chem test today.
My hands are a little sweaty, I was in tears once yesterday--

I am silly--

This morning when I woke up. I jumped on my computer--quickly printing off an assignment before some more quick Chem Test studying--and there were 7 emails sitting in my inbox.

One email from a very dear friend of mine--As I read yet another segment of her story I realized--she has things to wake up in knots about. She has things to be angry about. She has things to worry about--and all things that are quite frankly ridicules things to have to deal with. The kind of things that are centered around judgement--not love. But you know what she does? She looks for the silver lining. She sees the pain, and confronts it--and then looks for something better.

I am continually inspired by this friend--and so thankful to have friends like this in my life.

I have been thinking about this issue of judgement and am faced with this final question:
How some life life so full of judgement for others? But how can I life live without judging those for their judgment?

Today I have a Chem test--be in reality--I have a life test. I might not Ace my Chemistry but I will do well on my life test--Remembering that life is bigger than tests, grades, and expectations--bigger than stress, judgement, fear and worry. God please take those.

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