Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Heart Healer.

Some days my heart is meaty and thick
Its the very things that makes me tick. 
It thuds and pumps
Twirls and jumps.

Gives life to this soul 
It helps me live whole. 

But today it felt flayed and raw 
Like someone had hacked away with a dull cold saw
The blade cut deep
I swear the heavens could hear me weep.  

The song of sorrow 
Is something that doesn't pass by 'marrow
He festers and lingers 
and clutches with his boney, ice cold fingers.

His grasp leaves marks blue and black
Plea, beg, just stop this attack.
My heart strings are exhausted.  
The icy hand has cast them stone, cold, frosted.

Sometimes this world feels grim
Like I can do nothing but struggle to simply swim
But my Savior, my Savior
Promises to be the expert healer

He gives lives life to this soul 
He enables me to live whole. 
He melts the stone cold ice
And gives love to fully suffice.

1 comment:

EMILY STAR said...

Beautiful elle! Praying for you.