Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I love playing dress-up--
I love putting on glossy lipstick
and smooth body butters--
I love coloring my eye lids with hues of glow
and polishing up from head-to-toe.
I love the feeling of looking in the mirror and truly thinking--"I look beautiful"

But I never want to be simply Pretty.
I want to be pretty and more--
I want to be inspiring, intelligent, real.

I want to wear pure, uninhibited joy
and smooth away my wrinkles with love.
I want to gloss my lips with kindness
and frost my eyes with forgiveness
I want to look in the mirror and truly think--"I feel beautiful--from the inside out"

For I have realized that joy, kindness, and forgiveness
are accessories essential to any outfit.
They are worth more then a pretty face--
and can cover any unseemly marks

I love to play dress-up--
I love the feeling of glossy lips
and shiny shoes--
But I have realized that dressing up on the outside
is never fully as beautiful without
love, passion, and compassion completely filling the inside.

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EMILY STAR said...

You do this well I think Elle. I was excited to see a post from you. :)