Friday, May 7, 2010


I am not much of a animal person, but this morning a read one of those email forwards--yes I know kinda pathetic but some times I do enjoy them--Like this morning.
This email talked about a little girl who was looking for a puppy. She would go to the shelter and search--she had been there many times. Each time she would tell her parents NOPE none are the right size--her parents could not figure it out--all the puppies were the same size. The last day the little girl had to pick her puppy she found him--when her mom asked, "what makes this puppy so different--its the same SIZE as all the rest?" She replied:

'No not size... The sighs. When I held him in my arms, he sighed,' she said.
'Don't you remember? When I asked you one day what love is, you

told me love depends on the sighs of your heart. The more you love,
the bigger the sigh!'

'Mom, every time you hold me, I sigh. When you and Daddy come home

from work and hug each other, you both sigh. I knew I would find the
right puppy if it sighed when I held it in my arms,' she said.
Then, holding the puppy up close to her face, she said,
'Mom, he loves me. I heard the sighs of his heart!'

YES. a little cheesy I know. But it made me think.

That sigh. its true. when I hug certain people I sigh. A sigh of relief because I get to hug them, a sigh of joy cause Im back in their presence, a sigh of comfort because I can be ME with THEM. There is that feeling of contentment and overwhelming love when you hug certain people.

the forward went on to say:

Close your eyes for a moment and think about the love that
makes you sigh.
I not only find it in the arms of my loved ones,
but in the caress of a sunset, the kiss of the moonlight and the
gentle brush of cool air on a hot day.

They are the sighs of God.

Take the time to stop and listen; you will be surprised at what
you hear.

'Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments
that take our breath away.'

This was just inspiring to me. And made realize how much I miss certain "hugs."

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Anonymous said...

AHhhhhhh My Baby is a Godly Woman.... SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...LOVE you s)))))))ooooooooo))))))))))))))))))))))))MOM