Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Well this is a poem that I wrote my junior year of High School about my self--I find it pretty interesting: I am glad somethings change and some stay the same.

My nicknames are: Bella
Ellie Belly
and "W"
But to everyone else I am Elliot
Simply said I am Elliot
Inside: I am Original
Music is my passion
Art is the color of my soul
And being different fuels my smile
My Eyes are pools of deceit
I can fool you with my eyes
Teach your eyes to lie and no one will ever know
When I am sad my eyes lie
They have learned to smile when I'm sad
My heart: Is an ocean of waves
I just jump in my boat
and hold on for the ride
An electric lemon taste will
Burn my mouth
I hate sour tastes
Quiet and well thought out people inspire me
Honest people humble me
I walk: On a ruler
Measuring my every step
Calculating my never ending life
My Mind: Wonders
Analyzing every option
Spinning in a world of mirrors
Looking at me from ever angle
Openly examining you
My life is in a perspective
Remembered in scenes
A snapshot
A glimpse
Pictured through a lens of an old broken camera

I hope I have fallen off the ruler. I hope that I am not calculating and measuring every step--I hope that my eyes have learned how to portray necessary sadness to those I trust. I am glad that I no longer hate sour tastes and that I no longer just jump in to my boat and hold on for a ride--I am learning how to sail and navigate. I am glad that inside I am sill striving to be me--loving art, originality, smiling, loving people and my God.

Today God help us see what we were, what YOU want to change us to--and how to let YOU.

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Anonymous said...

With God in your life you will reach all your dreams... I am so proud of you Elliot you are inspiring and full of love...MOM