Thursday, May 27, 2010

So many decisions. Should I go to med school? Should I go to Italy? Am I even going to have 10 years before God comes? Should I just paint and design my way through life? Or should I buckle down and do some science? Should I do this or do that? Is being 30 really too old to just be getting done with school? Or is that time used. Am I ready to move past college or do I want to enjoy it more? Oh man. So many life questions. God can you just send me a road map please :)


Tina said...

ha, I was just talking with my boss at the hospital about this today. Physician or teacher? Why does this have to be so hard for us? It's dddrrraaaiiinnniiinnnggg!!!

janet said...

This is soooo hard!!! What to do for the rest of your life. You have the summer to let it simmer. and sort. and solve!!
Take a 3 day retreat to the beach or the mountains, and be still and contemplate, and listen. You will know.