Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Im Lazy.

Im lazy. Im always feeling tired, and all I want to do is make memories, laugh and have meaningful conversations with people I value. I want to spend all day dreaming about the places I want to go, things I want to accomplish, and people I want to love. I want to hug my Bangladesh family. I want to curl up with someone special and let the day drift away. I want. I want. I want. My mind is full of I want statements. I want all of these things so bad, but I have to be here. I have to be present right now. I have to do homework. I have to sit alone and focus on things I don't want to. It a fine line between balancing what I want with that I have to do.

But then I I really HAVE to do homework? Or am I doing it because I WANT good grades and to not waste the money being spent for me to go to school?

aw. I want. I want. I want. but what I don't want is sometimes good for me too. GOd please make the things that I don't want--that YOU want--the things I WANT.

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Tina said...

For real! I want, I want... not what YOU want! When will I want what HE wants? I like this Elle!