Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thank-You for doing something.

My plan was to go to bed early. I got all tucked into bed--and then I heard it. The pulsating thud of popular songs--ones I would normally love, but tonight, were just annoying. Its dead week here at WWU, meaning finals are next week. THis week is full of endless cramming and studying, preparing for the end of the quarter. SO ASWU works to liven things up and tonight we had bed races.
On top of all this there is a campaign against the lack of communication WWU administration has had with students and faculty regarding internet filtering. A group of people have organized a peaceful protest outside the Ad building. It is wonderful to see WWU standing up for something. People are camping out and have painted signs. I will be joining them tomorrow. I love seeing people stand up for something they believe in. My dad has always told me its better to do SOMETHING even if it turns out wrong, then to live your life doing nothing at all... My dad is very wise. (pictures to come) :)

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Hillary said...

I like your dad...In fact, I love all your family! Love you and your heart Elle.