Friday, June 11, 2010


So it is officially my second day of summer and I need to start planning what I am going to do with myself!

My plans for this morning were going to include unloading my car--and putting away all my dorm stuff. But when I woke up I found my mom and sister both gone--and Mitchee has my car keys in HER car!! Oh boy.

Tonight I think we are going out to the lake and spending sometime out there. Blake is 16, has a new car, and we are going to celebrate his birthday tomorrow! IT should be lots of fun! Tonight I want to have a sleepover with my cousins, aunts, family and friends! O summer is fun! I have also been browsing some blogs and here are some interesting and cool things I have come across!

THE CLINIC.--You must look at this website. It takes a minute to load. But wow. CHeck it out.



I think it would be cool to own one of these! A table top press--just seem like it would be lots of fun!!


{please visit cinnamon sticks here}

I think this custom made jewelry is just SO cool! I especially love the stackable rings! Too bad I found them AFTER mothers-day! I think my mom would have loved them!

God is SO good! I cannot believe I got through that last many things happened and God gave me HIS peace that passes all understanding. Thank-YOU God for getting me through...All my grades, fun, and memories created, tears, learning and growing--all are in thanks to YOU. I love YOU.

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