Sunday, August 8, 2010

Its about YOU.

So I have not been in a real blogging mood. I have been in more of a doing mood. getting so many things done. spending some really fun times with my family. I have remembered how good it feels to be with family. Its so easy to get caught up in me. What am I going to do for a career? What am I going to become? Who am I going to spend forever with? Am I doing what God has planned for me? But seriously. Life is NOT about ME. Life is about others. Life is about God. Life is about connections, making someone feel loved, simple as they are. Live is made for living--but not living for me, myself, or I.

Yesterday I heard a wonderful sermon about embracing the awkward. Not shying away from something good or kind just because it might make you uncomfortable. I think this is what life is about. embracing those moments that you are given to make a difference--to care about someone who needs it--to include someone who is alone--to love someone, who is flawed and damaged.

Yes. These are great thoughts. These words roll off the tongue easily. but they are nothing--simply words and thoughts--I need to make action. Not just inspiring words--but habitual habits. God please give me the strength to turn inspiring words and thoughts into action, practice, and habit.

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janet said...

It is good to have you back. I kept looking for Elliot Eloquence and none to be found! I agree with your truth that life is about people and relationships, etc. But I have spent the past 2 weeks with a lot of solitude. And I can say that with the insights and growth God has given me, I have much more to give in those relationships. So, for me, the balance has been good :)
Glad you have had sweet times with your family!