Tuesday, March 22, 2011

right where I want to be.

This morning I spent my time like many other mornings: dreaming.

I browse through blogs, feast my eyes on creativity, and lust over the lives and adventures of others. But this morning I was reminded of something simply amazing: I have my life. I have a chance to live this life--not dream about others. I am right where I want to be, right where I should be--no matter what it looks like or compares to. I have a God who stands by me. Who puts me where I am to be.

Last night I slept on a hard roll-a-way bed--with a rock for a pillow. But you know what? I was perfect. For you see that bed was a bed and it was right next to my wonderful sister. And right next door--snuggled in a bed--are my ever-so-in-love-and-wonderful parents.

I woke up this morning in a suite--at the HardRock Hotel--but I could have woke up in a cardboard box--we never know what life will throw at us. But I know this: If I have my family tucked in around me--and we have each other--where ever that is--whatever the circumstances--that is where I want to be. Right there in that place is wonder. Is dreamy. Is worth all.

I was reminded yet again this morning--that all the riches in the world are meaningless--but the people you get to share life with--that is what matters. I am so thankful that I have the most amazing people to share my life with.

My God YOU are worthy of all praise--and this morning I praise you for giving us people to share with.

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