Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spokane's Best.

I just put together a list of my fav places in my home town Spokane for a friend. DO you guys have any other favorites that I have not included?

There are some amazing eats in Spokane--here are just a few. I have included the websites--they really do not do them justice--but at least you can see the menu and location. There are lots of "typical" places and those are on here--but I tried to put things on this list that are more unusual--unique.

-Atticus: a cool little cafe located right downtown--next to a funky store called BooRadelies, I would say go into both of them! They are full of funky and interesting things.
-Rocket Bakery: http://www.rocketspokane.com/ delish coffee, tea and pastries
-Chaps--You should go here--really fun atmosphere and an amazing bakery--be prepared for lots of people..

The Usual:
-P.F. Changs
-Olive Garden
-The Melting Pot--
-Spaghetti Factory

Unique Finds:
-Mizuna: http://experiencespokane.com/mizuna/index.shtml
-Moxie: http://experiencespokane.com/moxie/index.shtml, not sure about their veggie options
-Scratch: http://www.scratchspokane.com/menu_dinner.html
-Wild Sage: http://www.wildsagebistro.com/dinner_menu/
-Luna--LOVE this place--!
-Queen of Sheba: I have not eaten here yet--but have heard NOTHING but good things--total experience
tp://queenofshebaspokane.com/ It will be an adventure and really unique :) because who really has ever had authentic Ethiopian food? Well I have some friends that lived in Ethiopia for six months and said this is really authentic--and you must have the coffee while you are there!

Looking for a quick lunch?
Here is a new market/cafe: Main Market--for the green at heart
-Mustard Seed--nothing too fancy--but my favorite noodle bowls in town. They best sautéed green beans around. http://www.mustardseedweb.com/
-Herbal Essence Cafe: http://www.herbalessencecafe.com/?c=Lunch_Menu and rumor is they can do most things with tofu instead of meat.

Night Beats: Not my thing, the lounge scene--but here are what I have heard are the best.
Zola--rumored to have live music every weekend
MarQuee--rumored to be the trendy hangout
Peacock Room--SO beautiful--very swank

Sweets: SO my thing.
-Chocolate Apothecary--chocolates from all around the world
-Fresh new Yogurt place in town, FROYO: SO Delish--serve yourself, any flavors and toppings.
-Lindamans--good food, but even better desserts. Seriously you must try the Coffee Mocha Torte is you are feeling something sweet--its my fav.

-Wanna get lost in a book store? Check out this one--Auntie's Bookstore http://experiencespokane.com/auntiesbookstore/index.shtml

-Very cool shops are located over in the "Flour Mill" across the river--check them out! There is an amazing "Chocolate Apothecary," funky shops and a great Ethiopian restaurant.

EAT HERE: http://queenofshebaspokane.com/ It will be an adventure and is a really unique experience :) and who really has ever had authentic Ethiopian food? Well I have some friends that lived in Ethiopia for six months and said this is really authentic--and you must have the coffee while you are there!

There are SO many amazing stores in SPokane--so if thats on the plan let me know what you are looking for and I can point you in the right direction.

-Knitting Factory--always has something playing.
-Magic Lantern Theater--Serve the yummiest popcorn and always have offbeat interesting films. The Illusionist looks very cool--
-Walk down by the river--and for some old fashion fun, ride the Historic Carousel and take the gondolas over the river.
-The local arts museum--I have never been there, but hear its amazing
-Check out this web address for some more happenings around Spokane:
-If you are an animal lover, most of you like this-- :) you get to play with lions, and tigers, and bears! Oh No!

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Emily Star said...

Rockwood Bakery is my favorite! It's by Manito Park. There is no wi-fi and I think that's part of what makes it feel so classic. Big, thick wooden tables, good food/pastries/coffee/tea, cool decorations, nice lighting, big windows....Read the reviews of what other people said....


yay! i like this post. i love our town. :)