Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Banni Boo.

Banni I love her. Today we threw her a party. Her very first surprise birthday party. She was tickled pink. Her smile was radiant, and she was so happy. This was the first time anyone had every baked her a cake or planned her a party. She turned 18.

Jehanna and I baked a cake. We when to Hili and searched and searched for all the ingredients. We looked for about 2 hours to find everything. We were given Aspertain in place of powdered sugar, baking powder and flowers instead of flour, but finally we found everything. We even found some cocoa powder! Many laughs later, we were back at Bangla Hope making our cake, with only a 1/3-cup and powdered milk! Surprisingly the cake was wonderful and Banni was very surprised! A wonderful birthday in Bangladesh!

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