Wednesday, November 25, 2009

11-17-09 Happy Birthday Brock!

Rice. The staple food for Bengali people.

I love the rice fields. They are so brilliant green. From the moment I arrived, I have loved the way they embellish the flat land here. Today I did something I never thought I would do! I harvested this beautiful rice. Yes, a sickle and me. Together we harvested three fields of rice. All the Bangla Hope staff was out in the field working. Also we brought out the KG and Grade 1 class, they were so cute and loved to help! Many of the Housemothers are very fast at harvest rice because they used to work out in the fields. Harvesting rice, gave me a new appreciation for ever rice grain I will ever eat, it is hard work!

You much bend down and hand cut each bundle, then you must lay them neatly in piles and come back and tie each of them. And this is just the beginning of the process, the rice must then be thrashed, dried, boiled, sent to the mill, and then it is FINALLY ready to be cooked!

I worked out there for about 3 hours, and by the end I was getting fast! They were impressed with my cutting skills; I have some of my mother’s competitiveness in me…I finished first once!!...But I did have the fewest rows of rice to cut LOL. It was a really great experience and I will never forget my morning of harvesting rice! My legs were SO sore for about three days to follow!

Only bad news: My roommate Brittni cut her finger, those sickle’s are SO sharp!

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