Sunday, November 29, 2009

Remember These Commandments.

Keep them because YOU LOVE YOUR GOD.

I was doing my devotionals and was inspired to just go back and reread the 10 commandments. And yes, they were exactly as I had thought and heard thousands of times, it was the verses after them that caught my attention.

"Remember these commandments of the Lord as long as you live. Keep then because YOU love YOUR GOD. Teach your children to love the Lord by obeying them. Talk to them about Him whether you are at home or traveling with them, in the morning and in the evening. Do whatever you need to so as not to forget what the LORD has SAID, even if you have to write them on the backs of your hands or on your forehead, on the doors of your houses or on your fence posts and gates."

That really made me think. I know the 10 commandments, but have I memorized them, do I really KNOW them. Which one is what number? The full instructions of each commandment.. Now they are written on an orange piece of paper and taped right to my wall.

The seemingly simple things for me, always seem to surprise me with how difficult they can become when neglected.

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