Friday, November 6, 2009

Writers Block.

Jehanna is much better at this update thing. I glanced at her blog and realized that she has posted much more then me. Oh well. So much has happened since my last blog. So much has changed. I have changed. It was just last week that I had my 1 year anniversary, that Tuli left, that we picked up baby Amber. But those events feel like they happened months ago.
I have a Calendar taped to the door behind my bad, everyday I jot down what has happened. And last Friday was Wonderful:

Today was a relaxing day: Art in the morning errands in the afternoon and housekeeping in-between. Once of my goals for today was to prepare. Prepare for my trip South, prepare for organization, and to prepare for Sabbath. This I did.

Art Cleaned up? : check
All Laundry done? : check
Room clean? : check
Emails written? : check
Attitude…Good? :

Dirt. Sweat. Bangladesh smells. Hot. Sticky. It was finally my turn to get into the shower. Here I always seem to feel dirty. Even when I know Im clean. I closed the door and flipped on the light. I’m so ready to FEEL clean. The showers are always cold here, but tonight I was craving a warm shower. Its funny the things you miss over here…! As I tiptoed across the slippery floor, I could feel the cold water under foot. Left over water pooled on the ground from the last person’s shower. I silently wished for hot water. I turned on the “water heater” and stepped under the water. Anticipating warmth. I was hit with Ice. The cold water was enough to make me jump. So much for the water heater…Oh well. I just kept thinking. Just get clean. I reached for my yummy smelling body wash…(So glad I brought some from America) and stepped back into the frigid water. But I was pleasantly surprised, the water was luke warm. Slowly the water started to heat up. By the end my shower I almost felt as if I was in America. Enjoying a truly HOT shower. It was wonderful. I FELT truly clean. All my clothes washed. Room clean. I am clean. I am prepared for the Sabbath.
I step out of the shower and walk past the steam covered mirror. I laugh to myself as I realize this is the first time I have seen a steamy mirror after a shower in Bangladesh. Steamy mirrors used to be such an annoyance to me, but today I saw them differently. Today I had the urge to run over and doodle in the steam filled mirror. I did. Then wiped it clean. A smile glued to my face. Nothing could make this day better.
As I stepped into our Air Conditioned room, a rush of cool air and Jehanna’s beaming face were waiting for me. “Elle, we got a package” My heart leapt. A package? How? What? When? I followed her pointing finger to my bed and saw the envelope. We got a package from WWU. I was shocked at how excited I was to get a SM new letter, the school newspaper, and a birthday card from people I do not really know. But it was wonderful. I have never read a Collegian so closely, looked at the WWU calendar more carefully then I did this day.

What a wonderful way to enter into Sabbath. Sometimes I miss home so much the reflection of what I am doing here is hazy and covered with steam. But sometime, sometimes I get the strength to doodle to make something good out of something I usually count as bad; to allow God to wipe my reflection clean, and I realize this is were I am supposed to be. This is what I am supposed to be doing right now. That I am learning so much, and God is so good. Whatever is steaming up your reflection. Whatever is clouding your judgment. I hope we have the strength to doodle in it, make something good out of something bad: and let God wipe us clean.

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Anonymous said...

Sandra and I wanted to get up and start the shower so we could write our thoughts and prayers for you. We played pretend and said words of love and affection to you. We sent up prayers for protection tooo. Love MOM and Sandra