Sunday, October 10, 2010

Good Morning. Its still Sunday. This weekend has felt so long. It has been SO relaxing. I thought for sure when I got up today was Monday--but its just Sunday!

Monday I have a General Chemistry Test. Usually I am all stress right about now. But I have decided to give that stress over to someone who can handle it much better. I am working on changing my silly perceptions. I am forcing myself to believe that GOd can use me and will use me even if I am not perfect. Even if I get a B. This might sound silly to you. But for me--academic success--social success--and personal success--these things have become part of how I judge my self-worth--my value. And that needs to change.

So heres to change: A less stress Sunday--even when I have a Chem test on Monday!
(at least thats what I am shooting for!)

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