Sunday, October 10, 2010

today I had an enormous pile of things to do. I got them all done. But in the process things always have to go wrong. I was reaching back to get my purse out of the back seat--with very little time to spare--and of course I picked it up just right--so that EVERYTHING could dump out.

And everything did dump out. I looked back and to my surprise out of everything that dumped out I really only needed to put one thing back in--and I realized how much my purse needed to be cleaned out. Only one thing really belonged in my purse--the other stuff was just clutter--.

I wonder how much I would actually have to put back in my life if I dumped it all out? How much would I throw away--how much would I not need or want to put back in?


janet said...

This is GOOD! I'm going to go think!:)

Hillary said...

Nice cigs ;) lol

Alexi Andregg said...

haha lovin those cigarettes babe.