Friday, October 22, 2010

So as of now--I have decided I am not going to Med-School. I do not think I am passionate about it--I liked it for many wrong reasons like prestige, security, and salary. I have decided to do something I am truly passionate about. Something that feeds me. Im scared. Have that oh no--butterflies--but excited. Excited because I have decided to risk failing--risk messing up--and risk being wrong. Those three thing are harder for me to do then calculus, physics or just about anything else. I am stepping out--here I go!

p.s. I dropped physics--because I no longer need it.


Hillary said...

you are so right choosing what you really should or want to do can be scarier than any hard class... choices are hard to make, but when we base them on passion and what we were born to do, we know in the end it will be alright. we will be more than alright. :) love you and i am so proud of you, always.

Tina said...

I'm SO happy for yoU! We are going to be able to spend many happy days together not stressing about med school! I love you! Thanks for being my good good good friend always! :)